American Council for Professional Education and Training

In today’s business world there is a constant and growing need for well educated workers. The career school training is some of the best skill training an individual can get. Often individuals want to advance in their company and many times this requires a college degree. Other times an individual who has been working in a skilled trade area decides that the next move is to go into business for him or herself.

College training provides that extra learning and perspective one needs to operate a business successfully. Alternatively, an individual may wish to advance into a management role in the company he is currently employed by. If there is more than one candidate most often the candidate with the college degree will get the first opportunity.

College for America is designed specifically for working adults and enables an individual to hold a job and still complete the college program in a reasonable amount of time and at a very affordable cost.  

The College for America (CfA) programs were developed with the collaboration of businesses. CfA asked for specific needs that employers felt were missing in many of the people who applied for their jobs and developed a curriculum to address those areas.

These programs are also ideal for individuals who are unemployed.  The courses can be completed evenings and on weekends when the individual is not looking for work. Having this activity to relate to a potential employer will give that individual an advantage over another applicant who is not pursuing more education.

CfA can be a good next step for the high school graduate who does not wish to attend a traditional 2 or 4-year college but wants to continue his or her education in an alternative way. This is particularly true for high school graduates who get their diploma from a career technical program. The learning is competency based like the education programs experienced in high school career technical programs.

The costs for these programs is astonishing low. The cost is $2500 per year and students are able to finish as many projects/competenciesas they can. Payment plans and financial aid are both available and some employers even offer tuition reimbursement to help subsidize the cost.

Students will have a dedicated Learning Coach to help keep them on track to achieving their goal.

The ACPET is helping its staff and graduates of career schools earn a college degree in partnership with College for America at Southern New Hampshire University, a nonprofit, fully accredited college built specifically to help working adults succeed. In addition, any person, unemployed or not employed by a partner company can enroll through ACPET.

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